Countries that use foreign names

1. Romania – the name is taken from the Antique name of Italy – Romanum

2. Albania – after the arrival of Shqiptars in the Balkans in the 11th century, they used the name of the city of Albanopolis

3. Slovenia – Carantanians in the 19th century accept the Bulgarian name Sloveni as their endonymous.

4. Turkey – although they are descendants of the occupied Anatolian population of Ottomans, they use the name Turkey and are considered to be of Turkic origin, although it is not true.

5. Azerbaijan – the name comes from an Iranian tribe called Azari, but the current population is a mixture of Iranians and Caucasians with small Turkic influences. But they are considered a Turkic state because they speak Turkic language. Same as for Turkey

6. United Kingdom – often uses the name British, although it is Celtic. While English people are descendants of the Angles and Saxons

7. Mauretania – the name of the country comes from an Antique Berber Kingdom – Mauretania (today North Algeria) . Although they do not share territory, they are even racially different.

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