Why is the Macedonian language so similar to the Bulgarian language?

On August 2, 1944, when the Anti-Fascist Assembly for the National Liberation of Macedonia (ASNOM, Stalin’s protégés on the Balkans or the Partisans) decided “to introduce the Macedonian language as the official language of the Macedonian state.” This is a prototype image of the authentic document written in the Bulgarian version of the Cyrillic alphabet.

introduce the Macedonian language

Until then the so-called Macedonian language was a dialect of Bulgarian language.

On May 16, 1945, ASNOM introduced Macedonian alphabet in the Federal Republic of Macedonia. The alphabet was created 13 days earlier by adding 2-3 letters of the Serbian version of the Cyrillic alphabet. This is a phototype of the authentic document written in the Bulgarian version of the Cyrillic alphabet.

Decision on the Macedonian alphabet from 1 May 1945. Please note that it is written on a Bulgarian typewriter. There are handwritten Ѕ, Ј, Џ, Љ, Њ, and diacritics added to create Ѓ and Ќ… handwritten because the typewriter doesn’t have those letters. It’s all about “Serbianization” in the language

The Slavic languages of the Balkans are divided into 2 groups – Western and Eastern. The Slavic-Macedonian language forms together with the Bulgarian East-South Slavic group. Torlak (spoken in southern Serbia) is also eastern but heavily influenced by western south Slavic languages. The rest of the so-called Serbo-Croatian languages form the western South Slavic group. Thus, the Macedonian Slavic is much closer to the Bulgarian language.

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